Effective Communication

Effective Communication Tips for Online Learners
Effective Communication


You should not feel isolated when participating in remote learning at UCR. Encourage your instructors to connect with other students to create a vibrant peer-to-peer learning environment.

Some suggestions include:

  • Use discussion board forums to get to know your classmates or to ask for support from your classmates.
  • Make sure you know the preferred method of communication from each of your professors by checking your syllabus. 
  • Check to see if your professor is offering virtual office hours. Communicate with your professor early in the quarter and not the night before a large exam or due date for an assignment.
  • Use Zoom sessions to connect with your classmates remotely to build a sense of community. (FYI, there are going to be sessions for students on how to use Zoom – see the Keep Learning website for days and times.)
  • Seek out tutoring resources or writing help or accommodations as needed. Even though the university is working remotely, the support services are still available to assist you in your learning. (If you need an accommodation or have an accessibility issue, please contact the SDRC for further help.)
  •  You can also contact the Academic Resource Center for more resources.