Google Drive, YouTube, Office 365

G Suite

As a student, you have access to G Suite (or the Google apps), which includes Google Drive and YouTube. Go to and sign in with your UCR NetID and password. Once you are signed in, you can use all of the tools below (and more). 

NOTE: Your instructors will likely be using those tools to share videos and other course content. In order to access these tools and materials, you will need to sign in using your UCR NetID and password. If you are having trouble accessing the required materials posted by your instructors, check to make sure you have signed in with your UCR account. From, you can click on your profile in the top right corner to check you are signed in with your UCR account. If not, you can easily toggle between various accounts.

You have access to the following apps and more:

  • R'Mail: Your university email account
  • YouTube: A video storage site. Watch this brief tutorial on how to:
    1. Access your instructor's videos: The tutorial explains how to sign in to YouTube with a Google account. IMPORTANT: You must sign in with your UCR R'Mail account to access your instructor's videos. 
    2. Create a channel so you can post and share videos: This will be useful if you need to create a video presentation or performance to share with your instructor. Post the video on YouTube and share the link with your instructor in iLearn.
  • Drive: A cloud storage space (where instructors might store videos and other files). Drive allows you to create, store, and share files anywhere that you have access to a computer and internet.  There is no need to sign up, it is already part of your R'Mail account.
  • Docs: Create and edit documents online, share the link with others, and collaborate with classmates 
  • Sheets: Create and edit spreadsheets online, share the link with others, and collaborate with classmates 
  • Slides: Create and edit slide presentations online, share the link with others, and collaborate with classmates
  • Sites: You can create a website of your very own (for portfolios, blogs, etc.)

Google Webinar:

Microsoft Student Advantage - Office 365 Pro Plus

UCR provides Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for all current students at no cost via the Microsoft Student Advantage program. As a current UCR student you can register yourself via the Office365 Portal provided by Microsoft; follow the steps posted here to get access to:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Outlook