iLearn (Blackboard)

What is iLearn?

iLearn, or UCR's Blackboard, is our official learning management system. Students can login at and find their current courses. Below we've provided a Quick Start Guide as well as links to more in-depth iLearn Student Guides.


iLearn Quick Start Guide

How do I log into iLearn?

You will log in with your NetID and password to access iLearn. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it at

How do I find my classes?

All courses that you are currently enrolled in should be visible on the right side of the iLearn home page. If you don’t see a course that you think you should be enrolled in, please contact

How can I submit work?

To turn in an assignment, click on Assignments in the left-hand navigation pane for the course. Click on the assignment you want to turn in, and either upload your file (Blackboard accepts Microsoft Word documents and PDFs) or copy-paste your response into the free-text box.

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How do I see my grades?

After your instructor has graded your assignment, you can see your assignment grade and any instructor comments by clicking on the assignment. To see your running course grade, click on “Student Tools” in the left-hand column, and then “My Grades.”

How do I participate in a discussion?

Most course discussions will happen in the “Discussions” link. You can respond to individual threads within a forum. You can write your comments in the box (we recommend writing your responses in another document that you can save, and copy-pasting in so that you don’t lose your work) or upload a file. You should check with your course instructor for specific expectations around the discussion.

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How do I email my instructor?

In the left-hand menu, click on “Faculty Info.” You can find your instructor’s name, email, office hours, and any other contact information here.

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