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Study Groups

Study groups are a valuable asset because they provide a support system and allow students to share skill sets, thus improving their note-taking abilities while making it easier to cover more material and make learning more fun.

  • Identify what the group wants to achieve, set ground rules that establish expectations, limit off-topic posts or chats, and determine how study time is managed. (Or use Pomodoro Technique below; 25 minutes studying, 5 minutes break).
  • Use these Zoom tips for studying in a group (
  • Try a Pomodoro study session with your friends via Zoom. Pomodoro sessions, based on the Pomodoro Technique, prioritize working for 25-minute bursts with five-minute breaks in between.
  • Identify a moderator It’s best to have one person lead the group’s online discussions, organize materials, and help everyone maintain their focus on the group goal. This role can be rotated so that it is shared over the course of a semester.
  • Be proactive and begin setting the groundwork early. As online learners, your time is extremely precious.
  •  Identify what project activities must be accomplished, in what order, and by when.
  • Always be honest, but respectful, in a group. If either the project or a fellow group member is heading down a path you don’t agree with, speak up.
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