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Strategies for Success in Online Learning

UCR Keep Learning is designed to be an information resource and a campus community to help you learn remotely. The Keep Learning website contains Quick Guides to ZoomiLearn, and Yuja, as well as Best Practices for Exams in iLearn and suggestions for online assignments, Recording Lectures, and more.


UCR Information Technology Solutions (ITS) resources:

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How to: Self-Record
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Learning Resources

These UCR resources are here to support you toward your academic goals including the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the Library, and Grad Success

Academic Resource Center The ARC is still supporting students and providing remote services while campus remains closed.

LIBRARY.UCR.EDU UCR Library resources are still available remotely.


Online Jargon - Terminology that is specific to online learning

Asynchronous - An online class holds asynchronous classroom hours when students can log-in to view course materials rather than meeting at a scheduled time.

Synchronous - An online class that holds regular schedule in-person meetings. The opposite of asynchronous.

Blended/Hybrid Learning - A course that is a mix between online and in-person instruction.

Discussion Boards - Discussion boards or forums, are places within iLearn that host conversations within groups in the class.

Virtual Library - Provides students with access to online materials such as e-books, databases, research materials, and other publications. 

Proctored Exam - For an online exam that needs supervision, a proctored exam monitors students' webcams, audio, and desktop usage by the student during the exam.

Webinar - A seminar or workshop where the facilitator and participants are all viewing the same screen at the same time.

Active Learning - Active learning prompts users to read, discuss, and problem-solve as a way to synthesize course materials. 

Assessment - Anything completed in a course that allows the course instructor to evaluate student understanding of course materials. Also allows the student to receive feedback on their understanding and comprehension of course materials. Can take the form of exams, quizzes, surveys, discussion, essays, final exams, and more and doesn't always have to count towards a student's grade in the course.


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