eLearn (Canvas)

What is eLearn?

eLearn, or UCR's Canvas, is a new learning management system similar to iLearn or Blackboard. Students can log in at https://elearn.ucr.edu/ and find their current courses. Below we've provided a Quick Start Guide as well as links to more in-depth eLearn Student Guides.

eLearn Student Guides

eLearn Quick Start Guide

How do I log into eLearn?

You will log in with your NetID and password to access eLearn. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it at http://passwordreset.ucr.edu/.

How do I find my classes?

All courses that you are currently enrolled in should be visible on the left side of the eLearn home page. If you don’t see a course that you think you should be enrolled in, please contact bearhelp@ucr.edu.

How can I submit work?

To turn in an assignment, click on Assignments in the left-hand navigation pane for the course. Click on the name of the assignment, and click the Submit Your Assignment button  and select submission type. There are four submission types: upload a file, submit a text entry, enter a website URL, or submit media. You can only select one submission type per submission. Make sure you submit the document type that your professor requests.

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How do I see my grades?

In the Global Navigation screen, click on Grades link in the left-hand column. From here you can select the course you wish to view grades and view grades chronologically.

How do I participate in a discussion?

Most course discussions will happen in the “Discussions” link.  You can write your comments or upload a file. You should check with your course instructor for specific expectations around the discussion.

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For other iLearn Support: bearhelp@ucr.edu