A Message on Zoom Security

Dear UCR community, 
The past three weeks have presented unprecedented challenges for our campus community. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us both directly and indirectly. It is understandable to be anxious, fearful, and angry. While this situation has brought out the best in our community, it has also brought out the worst. It is important to acknowledge that on our campus, throughout our city, the nation and globally, racism and xenophobia and other forms of discrimination have become more pervasive. Additionally, we have witnessed an increase in racially charged zoombombing within the remote learning environment. While it is not taking place within a physical classroom, it is still a learning environment and a community in which students expect to feel safe. These incidents are threatening that safety and have serious consequences on the mental health and wellbeing of our students and overall campus community.
These acts are not representative of our university values nor do they represent our commitment to our diverse campus community . As a campus community, we each have a critical role in creating a positive and inclusive campus climate both on our physical campus and within our remote learning community. When encountering or witnessing such racist incidents, it is important to know how to report them. We need to do our best to always keep each other safe. 
As a Highlander community, we continue to revel in learning new things in different and creative ways. Our institutional mission and values remain unchanged. All of us contribute to upholding the mission and values as well as our core belief of making this world a better place.
Our commitment to our community is strong, and we will not tolerate hate in any form. Together we can work to make our campus community safe.  We will get through this! We are Highlanders and we have always and will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards. 


Christine Mata 
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students 

Mariam Lam 
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer